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So far, we have Chet Martin of Freedom on Deck, Lee Elci from the Lee Elci Show, Alex Newman from the New American Magazine, and Julio Rivera of the Reactionary Times!

Rep. Massie Ridicules John Kerry’s “Pseudo-Science” on Climate
Friday, 12 April 2019

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), a top leader in the burgeoning liberty movement, ridiculed former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for peddling “pseudo-science” related to alleged man-made global warming. Massie, an inventor with two degrees from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), also took aim at Kerry's “pseudo-science” degree in political science, implying that Kerry lacks the qualifications to understand the issue. The exchange during a hearing in Congress this week left Kerry and other Obamaites fuming.

The exchange, which occurred in the House Oversight and Reform Committee, began when Representative Massie read a part of Kerry's statement back to him. Among other absurdities, Kerry's statement blasted President Donald Trump for listening to skeptics of the man-made warming hypothesis, which Trump has repeatedly described as a “hoax.” In the statement, Kerry had described Trump's proposed Presidential Commission on Climate Security as a “kangaroo court” while calling on the president to “talk with the educated adults” who previously served in senior “national security” positions.

In particular, Kerry appears to have been taking aim at Dr. William Happer, a physics professor from Princeton University with a long background serving in senior science posts in the federal government. Trump chose Happer to serve on the National Security Council. And documents from the administration revealed that the White House was planning to create a commission of scientists led by Dr. Happer to re-examine climate science and advise the president. “CO2 will be good for the Earth,” Happer told The New American magazine, adding that human emissions of CO2 were not causing dangerous climate change. Read Full Article

Communist Party Boasts
It Controls Chinese UN Officials

by Alex Newman - Saturday, 06 April 2019

Amid the arrest of Communist Chinese agent and former Interpol boss Meng Hongwei (shown), the Communist Party of China revealed that all Chinese officials working within international organizations are expected to obey party orders without question. Obviously, that conflicts with their ostensible job descriptions within global outfits such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Interpol, and beyond. But with Communist Chinese agents now operating across the leadership of dozens of international organizations, the explosive revelations have enormous implications for “global governance” — especially as it relates to the Communist Chinese bid to lead the scandal-plagued UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

On April 3, the Communist Chinese dictatorship announced that its ongoing “investigation” into Meng determined that the Interpol boss turned Beijing target “refused to follow [Communist] Party decisions,” according to various media reports. As a result, he was arrested, forced to resign from Interpol, expelled from the Communist Party, and fired from his post as “vice minister of public security” — a job he held at the same time as the presidency of Interpol. In September of 2018, Meng, who was still in charge of the self-styled global law-enforcement agency, went back to China. Then he was arrested by Communist Chinese authorities and "disappeared." He then resigned from his international post under duress.

The Communist Chinese Ministry of Public Security — a ruthless organization that uses terror and brutality to keep the regime's 1.4 billion victims in line — said Meng was “totally to blame” for his own problems with what passes as “law” in China. “When it comes to party loyalty and sincerity, it is absolutely not allowed to be duplicitous, to agree overtly but oppose in secret, or to be a two-face person, or lead a double life, or engage in political social climbing,” the ministry said without elaborating, adding that his associates were also being investigated. “It is absolutely not allowed to make decisions without authorization, to do or say as you wish.”

In other words, members of the Communist Chinese Party are expected to obey the party's decrees at all times — even when in “international service” at Interpol, the UN, or other institutions of “global governance.” But that is a big problem. The code of conduct of international organizations very clearly prohibits taking orders from national governments or political parties. Consider, for example, the UN Oath of Office that staff members of the global organization must adhere to in order to work there. Among other things, the oath very clearly prohibits taking orders from anyone outside the organization, requiring staffers to place their loyal to the international institutions instead. Read Full Article